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Services R25.00 - R180.00

Conception Barbers


@Conception barbers is bringing a premium and exclusive barber service to our customers. We bring more than just another barber service, we’re a complete Vibe. And in-terms of male grooming tips and skin care and how to smell good too.

Our brand @Conception, consist not only of a quality service, but also of a premium experience that we pride in. Trust, however cannot be gained overnight. It is earned through a long-term commitment and investment in remaining true to what we stand for. It is important to be sure of what the brand stands for and how it is to be projected to the world at all times.



  • @Conception's Gentlemen

    Standard haircut, you already know what this is about. 😉

    R 180.00
  • Executive

    We carter for well groomed, style conscious modern men and women. Our space was built with customer comfort at heart.

    R 150.00
  • Clipper Head-shave

    t’s a classic men’s look that will never go out of style: the fully shaved head. Some men prefer a shaved head for the ease and simplicity of the style, for some it’s the most practical option for an active lifestyle, while others simply prefer to go fully bald when the hair starts to thin. The versatility of this look appeals to men of all ages.

    R 80.00


  • Basic & Dye

    Shave with and against the grain, with pro shaving creames

    R 50.00
  • Beard Trim

    When you want to keep but make it look more manageable

    R 25.00
  • Face Line-Up

    Straight-razor shave to line up the beard

    R 40.00


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